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A Soccer training solution packed with practical tips from a passionate soccer player and coach.


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Looking To Improve Your Soccer Skills?

3pleoz Fitness offers high-quality equipment and training programs designed to help soccer players of all ages and abilities reach their goals. Check out our videos to know more!

La Croqueta Dribble and Finish

The La Croqueta Dribble and Finish is a versatile move that can help soccer players improve their ball handling skills, create scoring opportunities, and outwit defenders on the field.

Incline Heel Step Down with Resistance Band

Overall, the Incline Heel Step Down with Resistance Bands is a great exercise for soccer players who want to improve their lower body strength, stability, and control, and reduce their risk of injury on the field.

Left & Right Ring Agility Passing Drill

Left & Right Ring Agility Passing Drill is a fun and effective way for soccer players to improve their agility, passing, communication, decision-making, and fitness, making it a valuable addition to any training regimen.

Side Planks with Resistance Bands Leg Raises

The side planks with resistance bands leg raises is a great exercise for soccer players who want to improve their core strength, balance, and stability, while also increasing hip mobility and enhancing overall body control on the field.

Plyometric Ring Obstacle Ickey Shuffle

Plyometric Ring Obstacle Ickey Shuffle is a great exercise for soccer players who want to improve their footwork, agility, power, exclusiveness, balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and mental toughness. The drill can be valuable addition to any training regimen, helping player become more well rounded and skilled athletes on the field.

What Our Customers Say
Cathy Blount
Sarah M.
My daughter struggled with dribbling consistency. 3pleoz Fitness' Soccerpedia drills were a game-changer! The clear instruction and step-by-step approach helped her master the basics. Now, she's leaving defenders in the dust! We highly recommend 3pleoz Fitness for any player looking to take their skills to the next level.
Jeffrey Turner
David L.
Salt Lake City, Utah
My child started soccer late and felt overwhelmed. 3pleoz Fitness coaching has been a lifesaver! The personalized approach and expert guidance helped him develop the skills and confidence to compete. He recently made his first team, and we couldn't be prouder. Thank you, 3pleoz Fitness!
John Jason Cecil
Michael C.
Chesterfield, Virginia
Investing in proper soccer development is crucial. 3pleoz Fitness provides a strong foundation for young players. The high-quality training and expert guidance help players learn the right fundamentals and develop a lifelong love for the game. We trust 3pleoz Fitness to help our child reach their full potential on the field.
David Brito
William S. Coach of U10 Team
Durham, NC Proud Dad
As a new soccer coach, I was overwhelmed by the countless drills out there. 3pleoz Fitness' Soccerpedia has been a lifesaver! The categorized drills and clear video demonstrations make it easy to plan engaging and effective practices. My players are learning new skills, having fun, and seeing improvement. 3pleoz Fitness is a valuable resource for any coach looking to elevate their team's performance.
Susan Cage
Denver, Colorado
We tried everything to improve my son's agility. Then we discovered the 3pleoz Fitness agility ladder. The difference is incredible! The high-quality construction and clear markings make drills effective and engaging. His footwork has become noticeably sharper, and his overall game is benefiting tremendously. 3pleoz Fitness equipment is a must-have for any serious soccer player!
Chris Anderson
Lansing, Michigan
Our daughter is a talented player, but she struggled with mental toughness. 3pleoz Fitness coaching goes beyond drills. The program incorporates valuable mental training exercises that have helped her stay focused and overcome challenges on the field. Her confidence has grown immensely, and her game performance has improved dramatically. Thanks, 3pleoz Fitness, for helping her become a well-rounded player!
3pleoz Fitness FAQ
What is 3pleoz Fitness all about?
3pleoz Fitness is your one-stop shop to elevate your soccer game! We offer premium equipment and training programs designed to help soccer players of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential.
How can 3pleoz Fitness help me improve my soccer skills?
We provide a variety of tools and resources to address every aspect of your soccer development. From agility ladders and cones to resistance bands and training programs, we have everything you need to become a more confident and skilled player.
What kind of training programs does 3pleoz Fitness offer?
3pleoz Fitness offers training programs designed for various skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Our programs are created by experienced soccer coaches and focus on key areas like footwork, dribbling, shooting, and passing.
Is 3pleoz Fitness equipment good for all ages?
Absolutely! Our equipment is designed to be safe and effective for soccer players of all ages. Whether you're a young child just starting out or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, we have the right equipment to help you achieve your goals.
Who is Trainer Yemi and what can they teach me?
Trainer Yemi is the founder of 3pleoz Fitness and brings a wealth of experience as a passionate soccer player and coach. They leverage their knowledge to create effective training programs and share valuable tips to help you excel on the field.